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External Joint Sealing Sydney

Professionals at Australian Caulking Experts use premium quality sealant products and methods to safeguard the property and ensure that all the sealants are installed adequately with an appealing aesthetic appearance that is resistant to heat, water, and air.

We use only quality products and installation techniques which will ensure that the external joint sealing will have the perfect texture, elasticity, density functionality, texture, UV stability and perfect finish. Before we start working, our specialists always inspect the site in detail so they can tailor our service according to your needs.

All your outdoor areas will be perfectly sealed and protected, so whether it is your home or business property, it will be fully functional despite the cracks or gaps that popped up over time, because we will repair everything. We work with different types of materials including stone, wood, concrete and other, so whatever needs to be sealed – we are the ones you need.


Knowledgeable Staff that Provides Wide Range of Services

Not all the sealant types are produced with the same properties, and you should keep in mind that the price isn’t always a guarantee for quality, reliability or longevity. Because of that, it is important to hire a team of professionals who can use the best sealants among many on the market, and know exactly how to apply them for the best results.

Over time, we have been learning and implementing new strategies to make sure that all the services we offer are top-grade. We are proud to say that our full range of specialised services consists of:

  • Concrete expansion joints
  • Face brick joints
  • FC Sheeting
  • Render joints
  • Abel flex joints
  • Tilt panels
  • Fire-rated sealing applications
  • Fire certification
  • Saw cuts
  • Alpolic
  • Dow’s joints
  • Blockwork joints
  • Control joints

No matter what you need us to seal, we will be able to do the work most professionally. Regardless of how delicate the procedure is, we will pay strong attention that sealants we apply do not get discoloured by dust or chemical reactions. Because of that, we always prepare the site thoroughly before we start the application process.


Why Choose External Joint Sealing Sydney?

Our skilled applicators are highly knowledgeable and so you can be sure that the modern application they provide will also improve the longevity of the sealing. All caulkers at Australian Caulking Experts are trained to conduct all work and provide service in an organised and professional manner.

Although that is one of the most important reasons why you should choose our service, it is not the only one. Every member of our staff has vast experience and all necessary licenses. Besides that, we strictly follow all necessary procedures to ensure that the sealing is done with minimum disruptions.

Whether it is a residential or commercial property, you can be sure that our external joint sealing Sydney is the best choice. We guarantee the most professional workmanship and usage of the best materials without compromise.


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Our vehicles are fully equipped, so no matter what needs to be done, we will be able to finish the job successfully the first time. In case you prefer speaking with our customer support we suggest you give us a call at 1300 941 683 instead of using the online form on our website.

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