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The only way to ensure that your building is fire resistant is the usage of both passive and active systems. While the sprinklers are the most common active system used in commercial and residential properties, the mixture of them and the fire-rated sealants (which are considered one of the most efficient passive methods) is a winning combo. This way you can be sure that even if there is a fire it will be contained and slowed down as much as possible. Our fire rated sealing Sydney specialists are certified to inspect your site and apply fire-rated sealants of proven quality to ensure that your property meets the regulations and standards. The team of Australian Caulking Experts will provide professional and efficient service, so you can relax knowing that the entire job is done properly. Keep in mind that if the fire sealing is incorrectly installed, it can affect the safety of your property and everyone inside of it. Because of that, we suggest you not to risk using average solutions and hire our top-notch caulking specialists who will provide adequate service.

Where Are The Fire Rated Sealants Used?

These types of products are used to seal small openings, for example, spaces where water pipes, electrical cables and ducts are passing through the walls or floors of residential and commercial buildings. Their purpose is to seal these small openings and prevent the fire from travelling through it from one part of the building to another. The products that we use can withstand stability in low temperatures, as well as protect those small gaps from penetration of water and chemicals. Rest assured that these products are tested in fire conditions relevant to test standards in Australia, and that we will apply them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This is a very delicate procedure, and only certified teams like our Sydney caulking contractors will be able to install fire-rated sealants with all necessary precautions. Safety is the top priority of our installation process and even if a fire occurs, it takes about two hours before the seal is broken down in flames.

Increase Safety by Choosing Professional Fire Rated Sealing Sydney

Fire sealing is crucial for saving the lives of workers and all other people inside the building. Fire and smoke can cause immense damage to the property, costing thousands in repairs and, what is worse, can potentially cause loss of lives. Although smoke alarms and other devices are efficient and helpful, they cannot slow down spreading of the fire like fire-rated sealants. With this in mind, your number one priority of residential, commercial, or industrial property should be to invest in our professional service. Let us help you minimize the risk and damages that fire hazards can cause, and contact our dedicated staff as soon as possible. No matter if you need us to check the fire-rated sealants you have had for a long time, or you need us to provide this type of service for your new property, we will be at your disposal.

Schedule The Best Fire Rated Sealing in Sydney Today

We hope that you are aware how important it is to invest in professional fire rated sealing and if you are ready to make your residential or commercial building more secure, we suggest you give us a call as soon as possible. Our fire rated sealing Sydney team will visit you at a previously scheduled time and date, inspect all small openings and explain to you how the entire process of fire-rated sealant application will look like. You can expect swift and efficient service at affordable rates, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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